Gender-Specific Treatment

Gender-Specific Treatment Meets Co-Ed Programming

At Beach House, it is our goal to provide a restorative environment that fosters healing. A place where residents feel comfortable sharing their stories and opening up to others. In pursuit of this goal, we have established gender-specific programming at our Florida treatment center.

In the addiction treatment industry, most facilities are co-ed. This means that men and women attend meetings, educational sessions, and experiential therapies together. There is a benefit to this approach – after all, the real world is co-ed. Learning to navigate this situation and build relationships with the opposite sex can be an important skill in early recovery.

However, there are some instances in which gender-specific care is recommended. Men and women often use substances for different reasons. They also react differently to ongoing substance use and, as a result, require different levels of care. At Beach House, we have designed a unique approach to treatment: a blend of co-ed programming and gender-specific housing.

Challenges Faced by Women

At Beach House, we’ve observed that women in treatment can face a myriad of issues. These often include:

  • previously unidentified dependencies like sex addiction,
  • codependent relationships,
  • low self-esteem,
  • hormonal changes, and
  • lack of support at home.

Many women with children end up leaving programs early; they feel guilty for taking time away from their families. Finally, women are at higher risk for physical and sexual abuse, which predispose them to developing a substance use disorder.

Men's Issues

Men also face societal pressures that contribute to substance use disorder. For this population, masculinity is a major concern. They are looked to as pillars of strength in the family. As a result, many men struggle to express their feelings, ask for support, or process trauma in a healthy way. These attempts to “man up” and move on often catalyze unhealthy coping mechanisms, including addiction.

Gender-Specific Rehab in Juno Beach, Florida

At Beach House, we understand the factors driving substance abuse. In response, we have carefully crafted a treatment approach that maximizes the benefits of gender-specific care with those of co-ed socialization. Our day-to-day programming takes place in co-ed settings across the Beach House campus. This helps clients to socialize with the opposite sex, learn to develop platonic friendships, and connect with men and women – maybe for the first time.

As each day draws to a close, our clients return to gender-specific residences. At our Juno Beach facility, men and women are housed separately. This empowers each group to develop strong bonds and discuss issues unique to their gender. As they relax and unwind after a day of education and recovery programming, men and women can connect with others who have similar experiences.

If you would like to learn more about gender-specific addiction treatment in the state of Florida, contact Beach House today.

Heal in a gender-specific environment of medical and clinical excellence.