2 Day Workshop for Families

An Intensive for Family Members

Our Two-Day Intensive Workshop is one component of our Family Program, the other being our Wellness Program. Offered on a monthly basis, the Two-Day Intensive Workshop is another service that we strongly encourage our families to take advantage of.

The objective of the Two-Day Intensive Workshop is to strengthen and equip families for the longer-term work of recovery, by providing them with education, support, resources, healthy coping tools and opportunities to engage with their loved one (the client in treatment) in structured therapy sessions.

Why Participate in the Two-Day Intensive Workshop

Over the course of a weekend, families and clients are guided through a process of identifying and addressing unhealthy family dynamics of addiction, so that together they can begin the road to recovery.

In the process, participating families:

  • are educated about the disease model of addiction and addiction’s impact on the family, via issues like codependency
  • are introduced to levels of care in treatment, continuing care and after-care
  • learn about Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-step program of recovery
  • receive support and resources to help them in their own recovery journey
  • get coaching regarding healthy communication skills and other coping tools
  • and, supervised by a licensed marriage and family therapist, take part in therapy with their loved one in treatment

Throughout the weekend, loved ones are acknowledged for having suffered alongside the client and are offered the same nurture, support and healing as the client.  Loved ones are also given the opportunity to gain information, insight and strength.  Loved ones are “given permission” to re-focus and re-center in their own lives, while assessing what may or may not be working in their currently fragmented familial relationships.

We help you to recover with compassion and empathy.

Schedule of Workshop – What to Expect

The two-day program runs from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon. Saturday is for family members only and begins at 8:30am. On Sunday, clients are invited to join their families for the day, including a full three-course lunch they can enjoy together. The Sunday portion of the program wraps up at around 3pm. A face-to-face, follow-up session with a therapist is conducted the following Monday. This allows the family to further process the weekend and solidify continuing care plans.

Meals and Hotel Accommodations

Coffee and a light continental breakfast are provided both Saturday and Sunday. A light lunch is served on Saturday, followed by a full three-course lunch on Sunday.

Out-of-town families are encouraged to make their own hotel reservations. There are many options nearby, and they include both the higher-end resort hotels and the more budget-friendly choices. Jupiter Beach Resort, Wyndham Grand Jupiter, and Holiday Inn Express are some good nearby options that we recommend.

How to Register for the Workshop

Registering for the Workshop is simple. The only real requirement is that your loved one fill out a Release of Information form on your behalf (and on behalf of each family member they want to invite, up to a limit of two family members per client).

Once the Release of Information form has been completed, your loved one’s Primary Therapist will contact you to discuss your goals in recovery, the details and logistics of the weekend program, and any questions or concerns you might have. Based on that conversation, the therapist may then refer you to take part. The deadline for final registration is the Monday prior to the program.

To learn more about our Two-Day Intensive Workshop, contact or call us today.