Our Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

At Beach House, all of our decisions are guided by our code of ethics. It is the foundation of our commitment to provide patients with the highest quality care for addiction.

  • The opposite of addiction is connection. To live a connected life, every person who comes through our doors deserves an outcome of lasting freedom from drugs and alcohol.
  • Our center employs a client-directed, outcome-informed approach. We retain an independent third-party organization for evaluation of our treatment progress, monitoring and outcomes.
  • Beach House Center for Recovery believes that the true measurement of success and adoption of our mission of Love and Connection should be measured by lifelong patient success.
  • Beach House patients participate in progress monitoring of outcomes. These include utilization of continuing care, tracking severity of co-occurring issues with depression, anxiety and ability to sustain long term sobriety.
  • We treat all individuals impartially and with objectivity. We respect diversity and treat all patients with respect and the highest quality of care regardless of their age, gender, ethnic and racial background, spiritual beliefs, marital status, political beliefs, diagnosis, personal history, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • We provide services without regard to the compensation a patient or third party is providing and understand that our patients’ welfare is our first responsibility. We do everything possible to protect the privacy of our patients, except where they have provided limited, written, informed consent, or when they pose a risk to the health and safety of themselves or others.
  • We continually strive for an enhanced understanding of addiction and base all of our practices on clinically sophisticated and evidence-based research.
  • We do not engage in deceptive or misleading practices in our online marketing, advertising, or public relations messaging. We will not participate in fraudulent treatment directories or “funnel” websites which utilize fake reviews to mislead readers.
  • We do not accept clients who are clinically inappropriate for our services and will discontinue services if it is clear that a client may no longer benefit from them.
  • We focus on providing safe, comfortable accommodations for individuals in our care. This includes clean, well-maintained facilities and nutritious meals.

We help you to recover with compassion and empathy.

Experience the Beach House Difference

If you resonated with our code of ethics, we encourage you to reach out today. Our helpful admissions staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have.