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Drug Court Services

Addiction accounts for a shockingly high number of crimes committed in this country— as many as 85 percent, by some estimates. Tragically, too, once a person’s addiction has landed them in the criminal justice system and they have a felony or other drug-related charge on their record, it becomes even harder to kick a drug or alcohol habit: the emotional and financial stress of navigating new legal troubles, relationship problems related to a past conviction, and the now much harder prospects of securing gainful employment can all be incentives to keep drinking or using drugs as a way to cope with the stress.

At Beach House, we have seen firsthand how unresolved legal troubles can compromise the effectiveness of treatment. Research shows, for example, that motivation, engagement and retention in treatment are big predictors of long-term success in recovery. But when clients enter treatment without the assurance that their legal issues are being competently attended to, clients’ motivation, engagement and retention in treatment inevitably suffer— and, by extension, so do their prospects of a successful long-term recovery.

drug court advocate Beach House Rehab Center “Jail time is not the answer to the opioid crisis. Without access to proper treatment and a solid support network, those struggling with addiction don’t have a chance at real recovery. Public and private sectors need to start working together to expand the resources available to addicts and get them the help they need. – Executive Chair Chris Christie

What Is the Court Liaison Program?

Beach House has extensive experience with these sorts of issues, and we understand their strong bearing on the success of treatment, which is our chief goal: lasting freedom from addiction. We know on the basis of an abundance of research that the longer a client stays in treatment, the better their chances of recovery will be. We also want clients to have the peace of mind and focus they will need in order to stay engaged in a plan of drug or alcohol treatment, so they can achieve optimal recovery outcomes.

That is why we developed our Court Liaison Program. The Court Liaison Program is a free option available to all Beach House clients who need it. As part of the Program, even before Day 1 of treatment, our Case Managers can help clients assess how to work with their attorney and healthcare provider in managing their legal problems— so that clients can move forward with treatment. If legal issues arise while a client is in treatment, our Case Managers are available to meet with them, their attorneys and other legal representatives to help clients stay on top of their legal issues during treatment.

During treatment, clients in the program receive a legal case management plan that addresses their specific needs. These can include:

  • Getting permission from a probation officer to attend an out-of-state treatment program
  • Providing proof of medical necessity
  • Postponing court dates
  • Responding to arrest warrants
  • Complete treatment documentation
  • Compliance with court-ordered treatment
  • Compliance with drug court and veteran’s treatment court requirements and appearances
  • Staff court appearances
  • Public defender and private attorney consultation
  • Nationwide attorney referrals
  • Facilitation of communication between multiple attorneys
  • Outpatient drug and alcohol assessment scheduling
  • Direct communication with probation officers, law enforcement and case workers to maintain compliance

At Beach House, our Court Liaison program is integrated into every stage of the treatment process, from the admissions process and clinical care decisions to aftercare and post-rehab planning. While clients are in treatment with us, we allow them to have confidential meetings with legal representatives, and we can transport them back and forth to local court appearances. We can also set aside time for clients to go through video court proceedings, if this need arises.

Are troubles with the law keeping you from addressing an addiction?

The Benefits of the Court Liaison Program

Clients who participate in the Court Liaison Program enjoy regular access to Case Managers while they undergo treatment. Each client receives a legal case management plan for addressing their issues, so that in many cases by the time they finish rehab, their problems have been resolved.

Here are the biggest benefits of the Court Liaison Program for participating clients and their families:

  • Peace of mind that one’s legal problems are being competently and correctly dealt with
  • The ability to give one’s focus to treatment rather than pending legal matters
  • Better retention in treatment and more time to give to recovery, which only improves the prospects of long-term success
  • The built-in accountability of the program, which encourages participating clients to stay motivated and engaged for the full length of treatment

What Is Unique About Our Court Liaison Program?

Legal problems are one of the biggest reasons clients drop out of treatment. Yet less than one percent of all drug and alcohol rehab centers in Florida and nationwide offer a service of this kind. What most recovery centers do is have therapists handle these issues, with the result that therapists are over-stretched and the quality of treatment that clients receive is compromised. The Court Liaison Program ensures that our therapists can do the work they’re qualified to do and are passionate about: putting our clients’ therapeutic needs first in the journey towards lasting freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.

The Court Liaison Program is a service of Beach House Center for Recovery, and should not be considered formal legal representation. Per the program, we always recommend hiring a private attorney for personal representation.