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At Beach House, we have provided high-quality, evidence-based addiction treatment to clients from all walks of life since opening our doors in 2016. Thanks to our well-appointed facility, we have the resources to care for those who might otherwise struggle to leave their obligations at home. Our business center provides opportunities for professionals to seek treatment while staying connected with their companies.

Professionals Need Addiction Treatment, Too

Addiction does not discriminate. This disease can affect anyone, regardless of their education level or professional accomplishments. Even someone who has quickly summited the corporate ladder and achieved every outward marker of success may be struggling with a substance use disorder behind closed doors.

Often, ambitious people’s careers become intertwined with their identities. In some cases, driven professionals may believe their businesses cannot thrive without them. Worries about their company’s ability to sustain success can prevent professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs from seeking accredited treatment, even after realizing they have a drinking or drug problem. Proper addiction treatment can assuage these concerns.

Flexible Programming & Readily Available Resources

Though we expect most people who enroll in inpatient rehab or long-term residential treatment to minimize their typical daily distractions so they can fully focus on their recovery, our clients may benefit from the use of our business center. This includes access to high-speed internet service and the use of your personal laptop and phone.

You can continue to keep up with your work responsibilities while you pursue your self-improvement goals. We will do whatever we can to ensure your continued career success. Here, you’ll have access to the tools and technology you need to lead meetings and stay in touch with the people you rely on to keep your company running smoothly.

Confidential Treatment

While most people now understand that addiction is a disease, not a moral weakness, some persistently damaging stereotypes still surround people who admit the need to seek help. As a result, you may fear your employees, co-workers, or clients will think less of you if they learn you’ve been to rehab.

Beach House’s compassionate, experienced addiction and mental health professionals prioritize discretion for all our clients. We pledge to honor your privacy before, during and after your time with us.

Addiction Treatment for Professionals in Florida

If you can maintain your professionalism during the workday and only drink or use drugs in your downtime, you might congratulate yourself for being a “high-functioning” addict. However, addiction’s insidious nature makes it almost certain you won’t manage to maintain this illusion forever. You will eventually reach a point where your addiction threatens your health, your home, your relationships and your livelihood.

Though admitting that the public image you’ve projected is merely a façade can be incredibly challenging, a renewed sense of freedom and hope await you with Beach House’s treatment for professionals. Reach out to our admissions counselors today to start your confidential conversation.

Help for Business Owners Battling Addiction

If you run your own small business, you probably wear many hats to keep it going. Your business may be running along just fine, but what about you? You want nothing more than to see your company succeed, no matter what industry you’re in. You’ve put in countless long hours and a lot of hard work. Running your own business properly takes a huge commitment. This dedication can come with a high price tag, however. You may be under so much pressure to succeed that it’s hard for you to relax. You may feel stressed from working so much and not getting a break. To cope with the stress, isolation, and anxiety that many business owners feel, you might drink more or abuse prescription pills to take the edge off. That’s a short-term fix that creates long-term problems.

Without timely addiction treatment, you may suffer severe consequences that impact your family, health, finances, and the business you’ve worked so hard to grow. Understandably, you’re reluctant to seek addiction treatment because you don’t have anyone to run the business if you’re in rehab for weeks or months. You know your life is spiraling out of control and that you need help, you need a treatment option that respects your needs. We are here to help.

Call to experience the Beach House difference.

Addiction Facts: Drug Abuse Statistics and Alcoholism Rates

It is important to understand that addiction is a non-discriminatory disease and that individuals of any age, gender, race, socioeconomic status or professional background can be affected. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), out of the 20 million American adults between the ages of 18 and 64 with a substance use disorder, over three-fourths are gainfully employed. In fact, it has been repeatedly reported that men and women with a college education are more likely to drink alcoholically than members of any other demographic. 78 percent of American citizens that make over $78k per year drink alcohol regularly, and 80 percent of college graduates with stable career paths drink. On the contrary, 45 percent of Americans that make less than $30k per year drink, and only 52 percent of men and women with a GED (high school education) or lower drink, according to SAMHSA. Part of the reason is because their career paths are so involved and stressful. High stress levels trigger substance abuse – this has also been repeatedly proven.