Alumni Program

Alumni Events and Programs at Beach House

Beach House’s active alumni services program encourages clients leaving the safety and shelter of our residential treatment and intensive outpatient programs to keep in touch— especially during their first-year post-rehab when relapse is more likely, and when an ongoing sense of love, connection, and belonging is most critical to relapse prevention. Ultimately, this same love, connection, and belonging, coupled with a newfound purpose and passion for living, will be what anchors a whole lifetime free of addiction. But these three elements — people, purpose, and passion — are imperative to a successful first year following rehab, one that’s relapse-free.

Here the exclusive benefits of Beach House’s thriving alumni program can prove invaluable to outgoing clients. By extending regular invitations to stay connected in fun, therapeutic and educational ways with the Beach House family, we cultivate lasting relationships with our clients. They then feel supported to embrace their newfound freedom from addiction over the long haul. They also are able to rebound more quickly if and when relapse does occur.

At Beach House, we want our clients to know they can be in touch with us as much as they want to be and however long they choose to be. Our goal for our clients is that they find lasting freedom from addiction, after all — not just short-lived release from the grip of drugs or alcohol. Alumni services are another clinically vetted, research-based “best practice” that supports this aim.

Alumni Program Offerings

We extend this invitation to the long-term community in recovery by making the following alumni services available:

  • Regular opportunities for peer support and interaction on recovery-related issues
  • Continuing education events
  • Alumni meetings and gatherings that strengthen and renew returning clients’ commitment to the people, purpose and passion that have made freedom from addiction attainable
  • Rituals that celebrate key milestones in recovery and progress in demonstrating sober living skills
  • Recreational activities like paddle boarding and beach volleyball
  • Opportunities to serve others through various charity events and community service projects
  • Access to an extensive, nationwide referral network, for whenever follow-ups with family therapists and other clinicians are an expressed need

The opposite of addiction is love and connection. Call to join our community.

Our Alumni Program Focus — Long-Term Recovery

Beach House alumni usually make use of these services for at least several years after completing inpatient rehab and/or intensive outpatient treatment with us. That said, there is no hard limit on how long clients may utilize our alumni services. The goal of Beach House Alumni program is to be a touchstone to recovery for life. If finding freedom from addiction through people, purpose and passion take time, learning to sustain that newfound freedom over the long haul can take even longer.

And each client’s long-term treatment and recovery can look different based on their particular life circumstances and post-rehab goals. Depending on their perceived needs, one client may choose to draw on the support of our alumni services for only a brief period of time, while another may choose to make use of these offerings for a whole lifetime. At Beach House, we give alumni permission to do what feels best for them here, with the promise that our family is only a phone call away if and when they need us.

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