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Comprehensive Aftercare Services

Rehab aftercare services are the final component in the full continuum of care that Beach House clients receive, which extends beyond residential and intensive outpatient treatment to lasting recovery outside our walls. These rehab aftercare offerings are for clients who, thanks to the Beach House pledge of people, purpose, and passion, are celebrating their newfound freedom from addiction and seeking to sustain this achievement moving forward.

Clients who most stand to benefit from these services are, therefore, those now learning to take responsibility for the success of their long-term recovery — without the same high levels of structure and support they received during intensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment at our rehab center. (That hopefully means every client who has come through our doors and is now transitioning to full independence in their recovery journey.)

And, like every phase of our continuum of care, Beach House aftercare comes tailored to the particular needs of each client. Any or all of the following services can thus belong to the comprehensive rehab aftercare package we offer:

  • Regular check-ins, including random drug testing — Regular check-ins, including random drug testing, has proven an effective relapse prevention strategy, according to the latest research. Alumni from our treatment programs count on this service to boost their sense of accountability and lasting connection to the people, purpose, and passion they have found in our programs.
  • Medication management — Clients who have benefited from medication-assisted treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction and/or co-occurring diagnosis like generalized anxiety or bipolar disorder (among other medical and psychiatric conditions), may receive ongoing supervision of their meds from our licensed medical team, including an on-site, addictions-certified psychiatrist to help with all their aftercare drug treatment needs.
  • Maintenance therapy sessions — Follow-ups with one or more of our skilled therapists certified in addiction treatment is another aftercare service we offer. Clients can choose from among several evidence-based therapies known to be successful at treating addiction, including Trauma-Informed Therapy, including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI).
  • Active alumni services — With regular invitations to reconnect with our extended family in various fun and meaningful ways, our active alumni program lets clients know they are never alone in their recovery journey, giving them an ongoing sense of support, connection and belonging that’s crucial to sustaining a future free of addiction.
  • Life and wellness coaching — In rehab aftercare, life and wellness coaching can help clients tap into the inner drive and guidance they need to make ongoing changes in their careers and relationships, in order to fulfill their newfound purpose and passion. We provide trusted referrals to competent life coaches who can help our clients make their life dreams a reality.
  • Access to a network of recovery groups (12-Step and other peer support groups) Our aftercare services also include referrals to 12-Step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous (among others), which in clinical research trials have been linked to higher rates of abstinence among those in their first year of recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction. We also connect alumni to 12-Step alternatives in the way of other peer support groups as well.

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