About Us

At Beach House, our unique formula for a future free from addiction is a three-part blend of people, purpose, and passion that guarantees our clients a successful recovery and a lifetime that’s joyously free of the stranglehold of drugs and alcohol. Beach House Center for Recovery offers the most innovative, results-driven, individualized treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. Our philosophy, results, staff, and location help set us apart as a leading provider of addiction treatment nationwide.

Our Philosophy of Clinical Excellence

Our philosophy of clinical excellence drives the outcomes-based care that we provide every client who comes through our doors. That philosophy is characterized by the following core commitments:

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As a result of our dedication to providing the best treatment and practices, Beach House is the first addiction center to receive the Center of Excellence & Behavioral Health Certification Program.

Our Results

The results of our client-directed, outcome-based treatment for drug and alcohol addiction also speak for themselves: check out our Beach House Treatment Outcomes to learn how these compare to those of our competitors nationwide, based on the data collection and analysis of an independent third party. Learn more about What Sets Us Apart.

Discover what’s priceless—a future free of addiction, starting today:

Our Staff

All of our clinical staff is certified in the latest evidence-based therapies for treating addiction. They are also trained to create, measure and strengthen therapeutic alliance. The Therapeutic alliance is the biggest clinician-related predictor of positive treatment outcomes. Our medical team includes a seasoned, addiction-certified psychiatrist.

Our Rehab Facility Location

Our brand-new, state-of-the-art addiction treatment and rehab facility is located in beautiful Juno Beach, Florida, within a short walking distance of miles of pristine coastline and scenic nature trails. While we are not a luxury treatment center, our location provides a peaceful and safely secluded oasis that helps to facilitate the healing process.