12 Step Programming

12-Step Addiction Treatment

The concept of the 12-Step program originated in 1935 with the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. Today, we believe that this structure provides the necessary groundwork for recovery, equipping participants with tools and philosophies that help them to navigate early sobriety.

By working through their previous actions and building a new fellowship, those who work a 12-Step program develop a combination of accountability and support. While these steps are rooted in Christianity, we adapt them so that the principles within are accessible to people of all faiths.

12 Step Emphasis

The process utilized in this program consists of twelve steps to help deal with the physical, spiritual, and mental challenges of recovery. We encourage immediate, immersive involvement in recovery meetings for all our residents.

At Beach House, we offer daily on-site and offsite 12-Step meetings. We also encourage participation in AA and NA, especially with respect to sponsorship, after one’s time in primary treatment has concluded. There are over 400 recovery meetings daily within a 15-mile radius of Beach House, so there is always a meeting that will fit your schedule. A 12-Step framework can be immensely helpful in continuing to invest in your recovery after treatment.

Freedom from addiction is your future, starting today.

Florida 12-Step Programming

The 12 Steps are just one set of tools utilized in Beach House’s recovery approach. In combination with other evidence-based treatments and therapies, they can be an invaluable guide in long-term addiction recovery. To learn more about how our addiction treatment professionals incorporate 12-Step philosophies into each client’s recovery plan, contact us today.